7 Segment LED Displays


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  • 0.30″ (inch) digit height.
  • Excellent segment uniformity.
  • Sold state reliability.
  • Industrial standard size.
  • Low power consumption.

The seven segments displays are one of the efficient types of display used in embedded applications. This display has nothing more than 8 LED inside it. These 8 LEDs are separated into each segments which can be named as a,b,c,d,e,f,g,DP as shown in the picture above. These entire 8 segment LEDs have one end of their pins pulled out of the module as shown above and the other ends are connected together and pulled out as the Common pin. So to make an LED of a particular segment glow we just have to power common pin along with the segment pin. This way we can power more than one segment at a time to represent the numeric number 0-9 and also few Alphabets as shown on the graphic image below. We also have an option to show a decimal point using the DP pin.

7 Segment Display Working

  • Available in two modes Common Cathode (CC) and Common Anode (CA)
  • Available in many different sizes like 9.14mm,14.20mm,20.40mm,38.10mm,57.0mm and 100mm (Commonly used/available size is 14.20mm)
  • Available colours: White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green (Res is commonly used)
  • Low current operation
  • Better, brighter and larger display than conventional LCD displays.
  • Current consumption : 30mA / segment
  • Peak current : 70mA

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