Dynamic Communication Headset (Sm-750mv)

  • Packing: Plastic / Blister Packing
  • Model NO.:SM-750MV
  • Function: Multimedia
  • Style: Headband + microphone
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Package: Yes
  • Use: Computer
  • Communication: Wired


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Brand: Soncm
Model: SM-750MV
Style: Headband
Plug style: Direct Wired
Usage: PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone/PSP/Mp3 Player
Standard: 3.5mm
Microphone: Yes
Cable Length: 2 meters
Dimension of speakers: 40 (mm)
Sensitivity: 20-20,000 db
Range: 8 – 22.0 hz/ 32/Hz (Om).
Custom Design: Yes
Color: Black
Tips for headphone 
Sensitivity is a measure of how effectively an earpiece converts an incoming electrical signal into an audible sound. It thus indicates how loud the headphones will be for a given electrical drive level. It can be measured in decibels of sound pressure level per milliwatt, or dB SPL/mW, which may be abbreviated to dB/mW. The sensitivity of headphones is usually between about 80 and 125 dB/mW
Frequency Range
Frequency response is the quantitative measure of the output spectrum of a system or device in response to a stimulus, and is used to characterize the dynamics of the system. It is a measure of magnitude and phase of the output as a function of frequency, in comparison to the input. In simplest terms, if a sine wave is injected into a system at a given frequency, a linear system will respond at that same frequency with a certain magnitude and a certain phase angle relative to the input. Also for a linear system, doubling the amplitude of the input will double the amplitude of the output. In addition, if the system is time-invariant, then the frequency response also will not vary with time.
Headphones are available with low or high impedance (typically measured at 1 kHz). Low-impedance headphones are in the range 16 to 32 ohms and high-impedance headphones are about 100-600 ohms.[2] As the impedance of a pair of headphones increases, more voltage (at a given current) is required to drive it, and the loudness of the headphones for a given voltage decreases. In recent years, impedance of newer headphones has generally decreased to accommodate lower voltages available on battery powered CMOS-based portable electronics. This results in headphones that can be more efficiently driven by battery powered electronics. Consequently, newer amplifiers are based on designs with relatively low output impedance.
Earphones Type
Headphone size can affect the balance between fidelity and portability. Generally, headphone form factors can be divided into four separate categories: circumaural, supra-aural, earbud, and in-ear
The danger of long time use headphone
Using headphones at a sufficiently high volume level may cause temporary or permanent hearing impairment or deafness. The headphone volume often has to compete with the background noise, especially in loud places such as subway stations, aircraft, and large crowds. Extended periods of exposure to high sound pressure levels created by headphones at high volume settings may be damaging; however, one hearing expert found that “fewer than 5% of users select volume levels and listen frequently enough to risk hearing loss. “Some manufacturers of portable music devices have attempted to introduce safety circuitry that limited output volume or warned the user when dangerous volume was being used, but the concept has been rejected by most of the buying public, which favors the personal choice of high volume.

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