Buy Desktop Computers at affordable prices at Fgee Tech. Our Desktop Computer Sale is currently running! Get HP Desktops, Dell Desktops, Lenovo Desktops and so much more at our shop.

call us on 0722760 863 or 0733 338303
HP Desktops: We sell HP Desktop Computers at affordable prices. With a wide range of spec options, we believe our variety will satisfy your desktop needs.
Dell Desktops: Get yourself a Dell desktop computer from our wide range available in stock.
Lenovo Desktops: These are known for their robust performance, variety of models to suit different needs, a brand that has been trusted over the years.

We deliver in Nairobi, across Kenya, and in the Eastern African region. We are based in Nairobi at Revlon Plaza, mezzanine and ground floor, shop number 5 and 6 and in Kimathi house, basement, opposite Sarova Stanley Hotel on Kimathi Street.

0701 444 222 / 0719 767676

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